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Embedded PIC TCP/IP
Embedded Web Server Board
Microchip C32
About Us                                  
 I make what you want from what is available.
Capabilities: Elevator Controls,

Microchip PIC, C32, C18, Hi-Tech PICC, Visual Studio/C++/c#/VB/.Net, PHP, C, MySql, XP, Windows CE, I2C, SPI, Ethernet, CAN, RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, 8051, Keil, 802.11, Eagle PCB, Embedded DC Servo Drive, NI LabVIEW, Sumitomo HF430 series VVVF drive, Danaher Motion S600 AC Servo Drive, Allen Bradley and Modicon PLC, Journeyman Instrument Mechanic.

7,334,665 Interlock wiring communication

February 2009 to present Independent Consultant
PHP code to log http delivered data on the Elevate Live web server.
C32 based internet device to deliver Elevator monitoring data.
Input 3 axis accelerometer data directly into Elevate.
EMail Class to add Mail send capabilities to app.
Remote temperature Monitoring  for Thermonitor.com
18F97J60 based Microchip TCP/IP Stack to deliver temperature data

July 2000 to January 2009 ThyssenKrupp Elevator: http://www.thyssenkruppelevator.com
ThyssenKrupp Elevator bought DigiMetrix in July 2000.
Destination Dispatch , integrate Dr. Richard Peters dispatcher code into ThyssenKrupp DSC dispatcher software.
Universal Digital PI to replace older discrete bulb PI’s using AC or DC, reducing maintenance costs associated with replacing the bulbs.
Hoistway cable reduction  to 4 wires for Hall Fixtures, Door Locks and safety circuit wiring using signaling over AC power line and CAN to the controller.
Travel cable wiring, reduction from 50 to 12 wires in the cable using serial signaling.
Solenoid Saver to PWM solenoid power to reduce heating and power consumption.
Physical Motion activated in series light switch to turn off cab light after no motion detected and turn it on when motion is detected from the door opening to answer a call.
Remote Valve Adjust using 802.11 from handheld PDA to turn servo motors to turn hydraulic valve adjustment screws. Implement 802.11 on 18F PIC
CAN Elevator earthquake detector using ADXL202 on dsPic30F.
CAN Hall Call Push Button with additional I/O for gong & Position Indicator.
CAN Car Call Push Buttons with additional I/O.
CAN MAC: Hands free emergency in car phone, modem data communications, audio announcements, emergency bell and battery backup emergency light with CAN communication.
CAN Hall and Car Position indicator with an array of pulsed led's to display the car position and error information. The PI listens to CAN to determine what to display.
CAN Bolt Counter counts the bolts on 2 different pulleys to detect slippage and stop the elevator before damage occurs.
CAN Remote Brake Board detects system 24 volts going down, signals the controller to do a controlled stop on the brake, supplies system 24 volts via onboard battery ups for 3 seconds for the stop. When the mechanic arrives on scene supplies power to pick the brake to drift the car to the next floor to evacuate passengers. Maintains the onboard lead acid battery in a charged state.
Supervised contract programmers.
Other Projects:
Embedded TCP/IP board.
Embedded Weather Undergound ./Weather Underground Embedded PIC TCP IP.htm deliver realtime weather data using an embedded platform.
Wireless in car video camera to display and record elevator car interior at front desk.
In car information and advertising display using LCD and Ethernet/internet connection to display information from a central server.
TR-1 overlay remote monitor with analog and digital inputs to monitor key points on the system and time reactions to determine when a system was starting to fail and call in to report a pending failure. To detect failed conditions and report them.
TR-1 CDPD modem option for use when no wireline telephone is available.
Convert Spanish 8051 controller & software for use in US Add CAN support for ThyssenKrupp Germany door operator.
June 1998 to July 2000. DigiMetrix, Inc. Santee, CA 92071. Senior software engineer:
Develop remote monitoring system, including implementing Windows CE on an x86 platform, to gather data from 4 Microchip PIC based modules on an RS485 network reporting via modem to a central computer. This "M2000" system is installed in Washington DC on the WMATA Metro system monitoring escalators and elevators, in San Francisco on the BART and in Las Vegas on pedestrian escalators for Kern County. Supervise contract programmers.
July 1996 to June 1998. Tallyrand Industrial Systems Inc. Oceanside, CA 92054.
Senior Software Engineer. 
C++ NT network applications to transfer orders from AS400 to  production line flying cut-off controller and provide real time  monitoring and remote control of controller.
Embedded control software to link three flying punch controllers to coordinate punching patterns in material.
Allen Bradley PLC and Quick panel  software for process control. 
Modicon PLC and Modicon PanelMate software for process control.
Installation, on site and telephone technical support for these systems.
Creation and maintenance  of www.Tallyrand.com.
Maintain in house NT network and NT, 95 and  3.11 clients.
Component-level board repair. Lattice pds (VHDL)  FPGA design. Windows CE embedded processor controller.
March 1995 to June 1996 Plant Equipment Inc.  www.PEInc.com  Temecula, CA  92075 
Senior Software Engineer, Research and Development.
Reverse-engineered the communication protocol used on the Northern Telecom Meridian telephone sets, used in the 85 station CTI (Computer Telephone Interface) 911 service center installed in Dallas Texas.  VB and C test software to talk to and test the telephone sets. Specified, set up, configured and installed the 20 station NT network used in the New Hampshire 911 center, and the 22 station Phoenix Fire 911 center. Specified, set up and maintained 20+ station NT network used by in house engineers for software development and testing. Set up and in charge of CD Rom mastering for software distribution. Converted cable tester setups from audio tape to CD Rom.  Set up GPS receiver to get real time for Phoenix Fire 911 center call logging. Designed parallel port controlled switch to remotely generate 8 incoming calls for test and debug.
December 1986 to March 1995 Self Employed Computer Consultant.
July 1982 to November 1986,  Kaypro Corp.  Solana Beach CA Software Engineer
Write ROM BIOS software and operating system utility programs for CPM 8 bit Z80 and IBM PC micros.
Evaluate software and hardware in preparation for distribution by Kaypro. Responsible and supervised diskette, ROM and PAL duplication. Specify equipment for FCC testing and disk duplication. Design and write production-line and quality-control  test software. Responsible for hardware and software problem solving throughout production. Write software for special project: networking Kaypro to Molecular computers at the National Defense University in Washington, DC. In charge of the Kaypro 386 KAT computer  project. Provide hardware and software technical support. Supervise 3 employees.
Pre 1982 Journeyman Instrument Mechanic. In Edmonton Alberta Canada at Gulf Oil Refinery, Celanese Canada Chemical Plant, Ft. McMurray Syncrude plant, Pembina Controls instrument service company. Pneumatic and electronic instrument repair.

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