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Embedded PIC TCP/IP
Embedded Web Server Board
Microchip C32
Embedded Web Server Board ( no longer available )
WX_Net  MAP 1.0 Product details

Comes loaded with Microchip's TCPIP Demo App or my Weather App as you wish.
Supply 6.5 - 9 vdc unregulated power, plug into ethernet and it comes up.
Full TCP/IP Stack source code available direct from Microchip.
Use Microchip's code as is, if you set the options for web page image stored in 25LC1024 EEPROM.
Tested with stacks 4.18 - 4.55.
Weather App runs with the 4.18 Stack compiled with Microchip C18
 The WMR968 requires a reversing RS232 cable to connect to the WX_NET MAP 1.0 board, a 2 wire cable with WMR pin 5 to WX_NET pin 5 (gnd) and WMR pin 2 (tx data ) to WX_NET pin 3 (rx data).
25 Mhz clock
Dallas DS2502-E48 Ethernet MAC address
Socket for SD memory card, on 2nd SPI port.
25LC1024 SPI serial EEPROM for larger web pages.
2 x 32KBytes SPI Ram memory chips, as on the Internet Radio board.
2 x 20 character LCD
4 Push button inputs
8 Led outputs
RS232 serial port
6 pin ICD connector
Schematics and component locations
Port mapping is Microchip PICDEM.net 2 compatible.
My code to talk to an Oregon Scientific WMR968 weather station and report to Weatherunderground is available for use on my board with full source code.
The Weather software is running on the 4.18 stack.


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